Hi! Welcome! My name is Angel and I live in Chicago with my husband, baby girl, and two cats.  I am a singer, a writer, and a stay-at- home mom. For a long time I didn't think I'd ever be adding that last item to a summary about myself.  As a woman giving birth for the first time at age 43, I arrived a bit late to the "mommy party."  Mixed Baby Mama began as a way for me to savor every moment of that experience and chronicle some of the ups and downs during the first year of my daughter's life with us. Now that we are three years in, I marvel at all the changes that have taken place in the three of us--my husband, daughter and me.

I am still writing about our life together and will continue to include my thoughts and pontifications on our family shenanigans on the blog portion of this website. The rest of the site may be changing here and there so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet.  Thanks for stopping by.