So as you can see in the picture above, I tried to enjoy a little poetry today in the midst of baby chaos. The girl almost got a hold of Emily but I managed to rescue the famous recluse before she'd fallen into the banana gooeyed hands of my adorable tyrant.Anywhoo, these are some of my favorites right now.Emily Dickinson is I think, always a good idea and the other three ladies: Patricia Smith, Meghan O'Rourke, and Cecily Parks were introduced to me during grad school.I have revisited these collections many times since then--in particular Meghan O'Rourke's debut work Half Life. For as long as I can remember, words have been precious to me.But no one seems to agonize over the feel, rhythm, sound, and meaning of how words fit together more than a poet. I certainly get that sense every time I read one of Ms O'Rourke's poems. One of my favorites is Meditation on a Moth. I love the way she references color in order to evoke the image of the moth. Lines like "The brute blind glare of snow in sun," or "where bodies sway like white flowers--" help to accomplish this. But there is also something existential about the poem in phrases like "I am trying to rid myself of myself" or "Look again, and up you may rise to something quite surprising in the distance." Both in their own way suggest some kind of transformative or transcendent process is taking place.And on a day like to today, where I barely managed to get dressed and leave the house, only to look down at the end of it all and notice a small hole in the butt cheek of my favorite black leggings, I could use a little transcendence! Check these lovely ladies out when you get a chance.